What we do?

We teach you to move.  Then we teach you to move quickly.  We refine and improve gross motor skills which increases balance, mobility and coordination.  These are the building blocks for all movement.  This allows us to increase speed, power and agility- the foundation of every athlete across every sport.  This also adds to prevent injuries and to retrain and recover quicker from injuries.  We can tailor a program for any level of athlete, from complete novice to elite performer.  Above all, we have a lot of fun.

How does it work?

The brain is programmed to do the same things.  Usually slowly.  We retrain the brain.  By stimulating the brain to do new things, we are training the neuromuscular system.  We keep training it by increasing the speed of the movement and the complexity of the movement until you move like a fencer, run like Usain Bolt and jump like LeBron.